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This asset pack includes over 500 16x16 item icons that include color variations and unique designs for use in RPG games!

These will work well as inventory icons for RPG or Survival games, or as items in the world. The assets with a dark outline will show up better on some backgrounds than the assets without an outline, so you can pick what will look best for your game.


  • Version of all the assets with a dark outline
  • Version of all the assets with no outline
  • Spritesheets containing every item
  • Spritesheets with every item of that type
  • Many items have different tiers including wood, steel, gold, and dark

Both versions include 839 total images in their folders, this includes color variations, unique designs, different tiers of weapons, and the spritesheets. There are around 220 unique designs total, the rest are different tiers of item and such.

Includes 42 Swords, 15 Shields, 36 Daggers, 38 Axes, 7 Scythes, 12 Pistols, 20 Spears, 8 Pickaxes, 3 Maces, 4 Flails, 3 Hammers, 2 Clubs, 25 Bows, 12 Helmets, 34 Crowns, 12 Chestpieces, 12 Leggings, 12 Boots, 9 Gauntlets, 19 Belts, 131 Rings, 32 Earrings, 171 Staves, 33 Amulets, 70 Potions, 18 Spellbooks and miscellaneous items including explosives, gold, torches, sticks, keys and arrows.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

SkyeScribbles's 16x16 Fantasy RPG Items.zip 1 MB


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What is your license to use?

Can I use it in paid games?

Okay I've just set it under the "Creative Commons Attribution_NoDerivatives v4.0 International" license, I didn't realize I didn't mention anything like that anywhere, oops. 

You can use the textures in paid games. I don't really need credit but it's cool if you put my name somewhere of course! You can edit the textures as needed for your games, just don't sell them as your own asset pack or anything.

Hey, these look really good. I am curious if you're accepting commission work for icons in this style? Either way, will grab these as soon as I can. *_*

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These are amazing, definitely worth the price.

I used them for the items in my Android game Loot N Craft.

Really cool, i will probably buy this to use in my game. Do you know if its organized to use on RPG MAKER MV?


Thank you! It has no files specifically for RPG Maker, but these assets should still work fine to use with it. =) It has several PNG sprite sheets, one with all of the items, some with all of the items of that particular kind (so maces, swords, potions, etc.) and then individual icons for each item (mace_01, mace_02, etc.) and you're able to import and add those icons to RPG Maker for use.